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The Deeper Path Program

  • Has this past year been calling you forward into stronger Spiritual Leadership?

  • Do you hear the call but are unsure how to proceed?

  • Has striving to fit into an accelerated business model failed to inspire the vitality, courage, and power to make a deeper impact on the pain of the world?

     The Deeper Path Program is designed for people just like you: healers, coaches, and conscious businesspeople. You know you’re here to do life-changing transformational work with your clients, to accelerate healing on a profound scale, and to be a spiritual guide for those who are lost and afraid.
You have a full complement of training and skills. You’ve had a good measure of success.

     But now you feel called to something you’re not sure how to name or achieve. You’re looking for someone who’s farther along the path than you, who can hold a larger space, and who can guide you
with the wisdom you’ve not yet learned to access.


     You know that the answer isn’t taking one more training, adding one more modality, or learning one more marketing strategy. You may feel you’re still hiding. You may have a growing despair that the answers may not appear until "it’s too late."



     Take heart! For the past 35 years, I have been training and coaching people to identify their true, authentic selves and step robustly into the mission they came here to fulfill. Through working with clients and delving deeply into my own personal growth and spiritual inquiry, I have developed and perfected exercises, explorations, and processes that take you to the heart of what you are looking for. This program will guide you through the transformational work that allows you to function at a much higher level, and
to own the power to step fully into your life’s purpose.


     The Deeper Path 2021 Spring/Summer session will be a small, highly motivated group of 10-14 people gathering for 22 weeks of interactive online learning, processing, and sharing.


The Program includes:


1. Zoom calls for 22 Mondays at 6pm Central Time, starting February 8 and completing July 19. (There are two breaks.) All calls will be recorded and available afterwards. We will share and explore the work through group discussion and breakout room exercises.


2. A private Facebook group to interact with your community of classmates. Here you will also access daily inspiration, support materials, recordings of the weekly sessions, and provide accountability for one another.


3. Four private sessions with me to ensure you’re on track and successfully navigating the work of the program. There are deep discounts for more private sessions, if desired.


4. Access to me in between calls via the Marco Polo app.


5. A reading list for course work and further exploration, with at least one book provided.


Here are the six modules we will cover:


1. Being in the Here and Now - without judgement, worry, or anxiety

2. Ownership as Power - full responsibility for your experience in and creation of the world

3. Trusting the Gifts - through knowing who you truly are

4. Boundaries - creating definition, protection, and focus

5. Showing Up - in all ways: authentic, knowing, and powerful

6. Manifestation as Evolution - coming into alignment with The Flow of The Universe


The full cost of the program is $3750. Pay $3400 in full by February 3 and save $350!

Or make six monthly payments of $625, the first of which is due before the program starts!

     If you are excited by the possibilities, send me an email or text so we can chat and see if this program will meet your needs (feel free use the contact form below). I look forward to talking with you!   ~Robin


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