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Northern Lights

What I Do

I was born with intuitive and perceptive gifts.

     I was raised on a farm and I had an intuitive understanding of the needs of the people, animals, and the world around me. My grandfather passed away when I was a young woman, but he helped me to find ways to continue building on our relationship, even after he was gone. I knew things about people that they didn’t know about themselves.

     For too many years, I wasn’t proud of my abilities — quite the opposite! I was afraid of my gifts and embarrassed to listen to what I knew intuitively. Rather than exploring and developing my gifts, I tried to avoid them altogether. I entered the corporate world and found great success and quite a bit of happiness. But I never found fulfillment.

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How I Found My Way

     When I was giving birth to my second child, I experienced severe blood loss, resulting in minor brain damage. Before this trying experience, I had an eidetic memory; afterward, I regularly struggle to find the right word for things. It was quite
a shock.

     However, as so often happens, out of the struggle came to light. While I’d had my intuitive gifts as long as I could remember, suddenly they were stronger and more focused than ever. While I’d spent a lifetime denying and ignoring my abilities, suddenly they were screaming at me to take heed.

"The universe had a plan for me, and my corporate path was no longer strong enough to stand in the way."

     The urge to do intuitive healing went from a small voice in the back of my head to a reverberating shout, pointing my life towards a new and more purposeful existence. After many years of continuing to fight the ever-growing voice, I ultimately had no choice but to leave my job and start my practice. 

     Today, I help people at many stages of their personal and professional life find and be their best selves. I start every session, class or interaction with the simple premise that “there’s more to life than this.” Then I help my clients figure out what that challenge means for them, and how to achieve their most-fulfilled life.

Me Beyond My Gifts

     When I’m not using my intuitive healing gifts to help others, I’m spending time in my adopted home of Spring Green, and the natural beauty it provides my spirit. My husband, a writer, theater director and musician, is an endless source of inspiration. I have three adult children, two natural and one adopted, who make me proud everyday.

     It takes a whole village to care for its residents, and I contribute by serving on the Village Board, the Library Board. I am also a committed supporter of the performing and visual arts and cultural events of our area. I’m a fabric-alcoholic and a gardener, and can often be found tending my sizable collection of indoor plants.

"I spend my life helping others chart and
walk their true path."


     I have finally, after so many years, found my sense of fulfillment.
The answer was inside me the whole time, I was just choosing to ignore it.
No more.


     I’m excited to help you find the true voice inside of you as well. Worry not, it’s there—I can hear it already.

Ready to get started?

Northern Lights

Kind  Words

     "When I started with Robin, I was a mess, high anxiety and couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes. Robin gave me the tools
to settle myself down and learn to concentrate on the task at hand and not
to “Over think” anything and everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with issues you just can’t get a handle on."
~Donna B.

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