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“When I work with Robin, she helps me get productive FAST. Often
in less than 30 minutes she has helped me unearth very old issues and sticking points that I simply could not have pinpointed myself.
It's pretty amazing, really.”  

                                                                                           ~Cecily D.

"Robin is one of the most insightful and intuitive people I’ve known. She is able to quickly tap in to what is happening with people and efficiently give them what they need. She is generous, kind, and compassionate. The work she does and support she gives is not only immediately helpful but also sinks into your core and allows for insights to bubble to the surface for days or weeks later. Her presence is calming, it’s possible to become grounded and centered in expanded ways just being with her, even more so listening to her speak.  She is wonderful in so many ways, her clients are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her." 

                                                                                           ~Elisabeth N.

"Robin’s gifts and talents for healing and inspiration are not to be passed by. Within just one short session, Robin guided me to remember who I am at my core, to reconnect with my spiritual self, and to allow some much-needed healing to continue. If you are open-hearted, wanting some alternative and highly effective ways of dealing with your own shit, and have the courage to be lifted into a different way of being for a while, I highly recommend getting in touch with Robin. I feel like a weight has been lifted, and I am stronger and more steadfast in my love of self since my session. Thank you, Robin! I highly, highly recommend you to anyone wanting to create the space for reimagining the past in a way that positively impacts the future."  

                                                                                               ~Chariti G.

"When I started with Robin, I was a mess, high anxiety and couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes. Robin gave me the tools to settle myself down and learn to concentrate on the task at hand and not to “Over think” anything and everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with issues you just can’t get a handle on."

                                                                                                  ~Donna B.

“I have to say it is amazing how much better I felt after working with Robin for just 3 months and 2 sessions per month.”  

                                                                                                   ~Jeanne J.

“I have been working with Robin less than three months and her intuition and energy healing have unearthed more of my core issues than anyone else I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Robin for anyone who is brave enough to want to change their life and release old patterns and heal. She is extraordinarily gifted!”                                                                                                        
                                                                                                    ~Joanne B.

“I’ve worked with Robin for almost a year while going through
a transition into deeper realities and truths.  Her work has been extremely helpful in three critical ways:  remove and transform stuck or blocked energies in my body and chakra centers, teach and guide me through a new spiritual landscape including work on grounding, and energetic counseling which helps me to work on self-transformation and extraction of stuck or blocked energies. Using this method, I feel that Robin has prepared me energetically for the paradigm shift that has already happened and I feel I have the tools to excel in a changed energetic landscape."  

                                                                                                      ~Christine O.

“Robin Reid is the real deal. Amazing insights with her reading and past life regression sessions. I highly recommend her. Her energy skills are amazing!"  

                                                                                                          ~Lorre D.

“I’ve been in practice for over ten years as a spiritual healer but felt blocked about creating a web site. My biggest resistance was around writing the home page. I asked Robin Ann Reid to do business coaching to help me move through this. I am so glad I did! In a two-hour session, she used her intuitive healing skills to help identify and release the blockage. Then, with her experience as a business owner and her knowledge of marketing, she asked me questions about my practice, my work and my clients. She listened and took notes, then we moved to my laptop and wrote a rough draft for my home page that nailed the energy of who I am and what I have to offer in the world. The process was easy and effortless and joyful! With Robin’s support and guidance, I was able to do in two hours what I’d been struggling with for over ten years. Thank you, Robin, for sharing your gifts as a spiritual business coach!”

                                                                                                       ~Debra M.

“I am thankful that after only two sessions with Robin, I feel better and more in control of my life than ever before.”  

                                                                                                        ~Mary N.

"Robin’s presence relaxed me right away. She listened to me and my energy, making it a very powerful experience working with her – I could feel a difference immediately! She is a wonderful soul coach and energy healer that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking deep wisdom, insight, and overall know-how in pursuing your life and soul purpose!"  


                                                                                                        ~Crystal. M.


Are You Ready?

Now that you have read a little about the wonderful results my clients have achieved, I'd love to hear what questions you have. Because...

The universe has answers.

I’m excited to help you walk the path to self-fulfillment
and understanding.

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