Working with me...

I work with people trying to find greater connection and fulfillment in their personal, professional, physical or spiritual lives. This work can take many different forms.

Struggles I can help you resolve:

  • Finding/Clarifying Your Personal Calling and Mission​

Have you been struggling to identify what your soul's work is, what you "should" be doing, what you are here for? We will get to the heart of that matter quickly and help you move towards aligning with a lifestyle that supports, enlivens, and fulfills you.

  • Increase Your Intuition

  • Relationship/emotional issues

    Do you find yourself unable to resolve relationship issues, and seem to create similar difficulties over and over? We will clear those blockages and get you on track to healthy, satisfying connections on all levels of your life. Stress, anxiety, and depression, can be brought under control so you can move forward with power and speed. 

  • Business issues

    This can include dealing with staff, clients and suppliers, helping you articulate your strengths, defining your value propositions, mission and vision statements and honing your overall business goals.

  • Communication with animals/pets

  • Communication with infants, children

  • Communicate with people with cognitive disabilities

    This can include impairments like autism, cerebral palsy, dementia, mental illness as well as victims of strokes, etc.

Instruction, guidance and mentoring to increase your ability in all the Clairs - to see, know, hear, and feel what is beyond normal 5-sensory experience.

I am available to work with you in the following capacities:



This is a one-time session to help you chart your path towards fulfillment

One-on-One Coaching

This is ongoing coaching, to help you chart your path and guide you along your way

Energy Healing

Hands-on healing

This process incorporates Reiki and intuitive energy healing to clear and heal your path towards fulfillment

House clearings

This addresses supernatural/energetic dealings taking place in your home or place of business.

Group Events

House Parties

and Private Events



Business Services



Business consultations

The corporate world is full of potential pitfalls and challenges. I help managers and business professionals better connect with their clients, customers, employees, suppliers, etc.


I am always preparing new classes, workshops, and events.

For upcoming events, please visit my events page.

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