• Robin Ann Reid

The Burning Heart

The Notre Dame spire collapses during the fire April 20, 2019.

We are in Easter Week, which is the high Christian celebration of Resurrection. April 19th is Passover, when the Jewish world commemorates their liberation by God from slavery in ancient Egypt. And, as Notre Dame burned in Paris, a fire broke out in the third most holy building for Muslims, the al-Aqsa mosque, in Jerusalem. As cultures around the world wrestle with changes on a huge scale - goverments changing structure, weather patterns radically changing, insects and animals facing extinction on a massive scale - these burnings are at once tragic and inspirational. The older ways are falling away, and new structures will be built. Have no doubt that while we process our grief over the losses, new structures will be built and new traditions will be incorporated into the systems that bring humans so much connection and comfort. The structures are not destroyed. They are being transformed.

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