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So many of life’s challenges stem from a simple disconnect. We fall out of sync with our businesses, our friends and families, our bodies, even ourselves. I help people connect, with themselves, with the world around them, and, when needed, with the world beyond.

I help people answer questions they didn’t know to ask. In doing so, people are opened up to find their inner purpose and their spiritual happiness, and ultimately to determine the true meaning in their life.

I want you to wake up eager to start the day, to respark the curiosity that pushes you to explore the world around you, to find happiness in every facet of your life.

My toolkit is extensive, but my gifts all stem from a sense of holistic and intuitive healing, which we will explore and implement together. You have questions. The universe has answers. I’m excited to help you walk the path to self-fulfillment and understanding.

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Passion and Purpose

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I’m excited to help you find the true voice inside of you!


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Kind Words

"Robin’s presence relaxed me right away. She listened to me and my energy, making it a very powerful experience working with her – I could feel a difference immediately! She is a wonderful soul coach and energy healer that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking deep wisdom, insight, and overall know-how in pursuing your life and soul purpose!"

Crystal. M.